The Norwegian Computer Crime and Data Breach Survey 2016

More than one quarter of Norwegian businesses - 412 out of 1500, or 27% - have experienced undesirable security incidents in the past year.

The The Norwegian Computer Crime and Data Breach Survey 2016, which I helped write, found that these incidents led to a loss of productivity in 4 out of 10 cases (in the form of lost work hours), but only 2 out of companies 10 report that there have been costs incurred by these incidents. This indicates that businesses lack a full view of the costs incurred by such security incidents, or that they are underestimating the costs. Only 9% of businesses exposed to attacks bring the matter to the police. This implies that considerable statistics remain unrecorded, and that the criminal enterprises carrying out these attacks against Norwegian businesses are effectively immune from prosecution.

You can read more in the English version of the report

Fredrik Walløe

Fredrik is a Security Intelligence Analyst and sometimes journalist who likes to write and explore unknown streets with a camera in hand.

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